YOLO [You Only Live Once]

It only happens once a month!!! The Liberty Club, RAF Lakenheath is the only place where you will be able to hear the hottest and newest Hip Hop, R&B, Dirty South, and Dancehall brought to you by the Regions BEST DJ’s. We are dedicated to always changing the game.

★Hip Hop ★ Dirty South ★ R&B ★ Dancehall

✪DJ V.L.C✪

✔RAF Lakenheath ➟The Liberty Club (YOLO)
✔Norwich ➟Mojo’s (BASEMENT SATURDAY’S)
✔Ipswich ➟Revolution (THROWBACK)
✔Ipswich ➟ICR 105.7 FM (Reign Storm Radio) [Sat 12-2 http://www.icrfm.co.uk]

YOLO A6Night Originated by:


✔New York (Queens, NYC)
✔Florida – (Miami, Orlando, Ft Lauderdale)
✔North Carolina (Goldsboro, Raliegh, Charlotte)
✔Missouri – (Kansas City, St. Louis)

✔RAF Lakenheath ➟The Liberty Club (*SWAG*)
✔Norwich ➟Mojos (EXPLICIT)
✔New Market ➟Innocence – (HUSTLE and ELEMENTS)
✔Bury St. Edmunds ➟Brazillias (OBSESSION)

You Only Live Once ★▬★ YOLO ★▬★ THAT’S THE MOTTO


DOOR ENTRY: $5.00 – Non Club Members / FREE – Club Members

DRINKS: £2.30 on selected drinks all night, Double up on selected spirits from £1.50 & 2-4-1 on cocktails


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